Hotel bookings and related specialized travel services & product

  • Full pre-booking advice to assist traveler selecting proposed convenient response to their travel needs and requirements.
  • Post-booking monitoring to detect promotions or opportunity to acquire lower applicable rates/tariffs to guarantee best value for clients’ money.
  • Personalized itinerary planning and custom made vacation programs available to meet traveler’s specific needs.
  • Offering best available rates according to detailed comprehensive analysis of clients’ requirements matching allocated resources supported by Rehla’s experience for negotiation to clients’ benefit.
  • Rehla has full direct access to wide range of products under exclusive association agreement with most wholesalers of traveler services exclusively accessible to meet preferences and priorities of Rehla’s clients.
  • Rehla Travel Advisors are experienced and well trained to provide integrated response to cover travelers’ needs with effective planning and relevant bookings.
  • Rehla Travel operates within an international network of professional travel services providers committed to best practices ensuring international standard applied to provide excellent customer services